DevTools Tips

Find all elements with a specific style

Let's say you want to list all of the elements on a page that are absolutely positioned. Or maybe you want to find all of the elements that use CSS grid. How would you do that?

One way is to run a few lines of JavaScript code in the Console tool to iterate over all of the elements and check their computed styles. Here's how:

  1. Open the Console tool.

  2. Copy the below code snippet and paste it in the Console. Change the whatToFind object to match your needs.

var whatToFind = {
property: "position",
values: ["absolute"]

var walker = document.createTreeWalker(
el => {
const style = getComputedStyle(el)[];
return whatToFind.values.includes(style)
: NodeFilter.FILTER_SKIP;

while (walker.nextNode()) {
  1. Press Enter and voila! In the screenshot below, all of the absolutely positioned elements on the page are listed.

The Firefox DevTools Console tool, with the code shown on the left, and the resulting nodes listed on the right

  1. If you wanted to find all of the elements that use CSS grid, you would change the whatToFind object to this:
var whatToFind = {
property: "display",
values: ["grid", "inline-grid"]

To avoid having to copy or type this code every time, you can also use the Snippet tool in Chromium-based browsers as explained in Re-use scripts as snippets.